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Location: Lake Chesdin Golf Club 21801 Lake Chesdin Pkwy, Chesterfield, VA 23838

6th Bubba Golf Tournament

April 9-10 2022 (2 days)
* Everyone is invited – Non-members and Residents *
Saturday – 9:00 am Shot gun start
Sunday – 10:00 am Shot gun start
Register by noon, Wednesday, April 6th

Cost is $250 per two man Team (includes golf, cart and lunch both days)
Payout for 1st place in each flight – Please bring cash or check
** Valid handicap needed or bring 4 to 5 score cards to Tim White so a handicap can be determined **

$200 Team Pool (Voluntary) – See scoring below.
Masters Pro Select will be before Saturday, 9am start

Format April 9th: 1st 9 holes Best Ball, 2nd 9 holes Captains Choice
Format April 10th: 1st 9 holes Best Ball, 2nd 9 holes Alternate Shot

Proceeds from this event will help with the purchase of new beverage carts
(including half the team pool)

Bubba Rules

• 2 Man Best Ball (9 holes each day) and Captains Choice/Alternate Shot (9 holes each)
• Each player will receive one Bubba (Mulligans) for the 9 hole Best Ball round. If a Bubba is used your team must play that ball.
• One Bubba per team can be used during the Captain Choice and Alternate Shot – again that ball must be used.
• Flights based on handicap – 90% Best Ball, 30% Captains Choice/Alternate Shot
• Payout for 1st place

Team Pool Payout (Your team paired with a Masters Golfer)

• Each team in the Team Pool will have 3 Masters Golfers, selected by Saturday start.
• Before the shot gun starts, each team will select one Masters Pro for Saturday and two for Sunday from their 3 Pros to be added to their team score, relative to par.
• Example: If team A has a score of 65 for Saturday and his/her Pro shoots 5 under par their new score will be 60.
• Teams can change their Pro on Sunday if they wish, or keep the same Pro from Saturday.
• Payout for 1st and 2nd place