Monday, September 4th, 2023
Event is open to ALL Golfers

*All participants MUST have an established USGA / VSGA handicap index!

Staggered Tee Times Starting at 9:00am

Format of Play: This is not a team event, all golfers play their own ball.
A Flags Tournament is a format in which each golfer starts the round with a designated amount of strokes and plays until they run out. Each golfer in the tournament carries a flag with their name on it as they play and uses it to mark where their final shot landed. The golfer who makes it through the course the farthest using their designated number of strokes wins.
The number of strokes a player starts with is determined using the player’s full handicap. For a golfer with a handicap of 16, they would receive 88 strokes at a par 72 course using full handicaps. When using full handicaps there’s a higher probability many golfers will make it through all 18 holes with strokes still left. In that case, golfers with remaining strokes would return to the 1st tee and continue until they use up all their strokes.

Members Cost: $20 entry fee (non-cart plan + $25 fee)
Guests Cost: $20 entry fee + $40 Green fee/Cart fee

Call: (804) 590-0031 or register online today!

Please provide if possible, an established handicap is required to participate in this event.